Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top 6 Wind Powered Gadgets

Over the past few years we've seen plenty of innovative green gadgets powered by sunshinekinetic energy, and the motion of the oceans -- but there is also a flood of companies out there that are exploring innovative ways to harness the power of wind! You can catch a breeze practically anywhere in the world, which makes these versatile, mobile wind-powered gadgets a blast to use. Read on for our top 6 wind powered gadgets!

1. HYMINI Tiny Portable Wind-Powered Gadget Charger
The HYMINI is a compact device that allows you to utilize the power of the wind anywhere you go. This portable mini wind turbine can be connected to various devices, allowing you to charge your camera, cell phone or any other small electronic device via the power of wind. You can easily attach your HYMINI to your bike or take it with you on your next run around the block. With their newly-introduced personal wind turbine armband, you can now power your iPod while your iTunes set your pace.

2. Firewinder: The Wind Powered Outdoor Light
Developed by young British inventor Tom LawtonThe Firewinder is an innovative outdoor lighting system that transforms wind into a visual display of light. This decorative lamp is 100% wind-powered, and it reacts to subtle variations in wind speed to create a vibrant expression of your natural surroundings.

3. The Greenbird: The World's Fastest Wind Powered Land Vehicle
Wind has been powering transportation since the first gust of wind hit a sail. Now, the wind is propelling vehicles on new terrain - land. The Greenbird is "part aeroplane, part sailboat, and part Formula One car," and it's the fastest wind-powered land vehicle on Earth. The Greenbird broke the world land speed record last March, and this year it's back for more on the frozen lakes of Montana.

4. Eolic: A Foldable, Portable Wind Turbine
Although it's relatively easy to find a quality portable solar charger, wind turbines that can produce the same amount of energy haven't had the same success. Now, thanks to the Ecolic, a small wind turbine currently being developed for consumer use, this could be a problem of the past. Designed byMarcos Madia and Sergio Ohashi, this gadget is both portable and powerful, and it can be mounted on its telescopic pole in just three easy steps. Not only is this good for consumers, but the Ecolic could also prove to be extremely useful in developing countries or in disaster situations where on-the-grid power isn't available.

The revolutionary Urwerk UR-202 watch actually has miniature wind turbines installed in its core. We're used to seeing alternative power function in large-scale devices, but the UR-202 proves that wind power can be effective on the smallest scale as well. The energy-efficient watch is built to last for a long time to boot.

6. Wind Powered Remote Control Car
This set of remote control cars entertains children while informing them about various forms or renewable energy. One of the cars taps the power of a small wind turbine to propel it across tabletops and floors. The set also includes cars that are powered by a solar panel and a hydrogen fuel cell.

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