Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Few Bikes




floow bike

the floow is a new recumbent bike that has four wheels and an optional roof.

tjeerd veenhoven: carbon bike + iFan

low-tech, sustainable approaches trump industrial production techniques in these hand-formed bicycle frames and wind-powered iphone charger.

bamboo cycles

naturally fast growing, lightweight and strong bamboo is an ideal material for many applications including bike frames.

hybrid electric photovoltaic bike

featuring three plates of photovoltaic panels, the prototype eliminates its carbon footprint by recharging the battery pack off-the-grid.



while most bikes have the tried and true chain system to propeller them forward, a collection of hungarian inventor have created a new method from pedaling using cables.

benoit goeuriot: high-end bike trailers

aevon specializes in the engineering and production of bicycle trailers with a single wheel, which can be used on all types of terrain - from roads to very technical off road paths. they are also ideal for traveling or all day use in the city.

most bikes are built to suit a particular terrain, whether it be flat roads or bumping mountains. the hanebrink on the other hand is designed to work on almost any surface from sand to snow and even ice. 


christophe machet: camioncyclette transportation bike

the 'camioncyclette' transportation bicycle by swiss designer christophe machet carries loads up to 150kg.

pedal powered washing machine

'les outils des l'autonomie' (the tools of autonomy) is an open resource project based out of france, that provides instructions on how to build one's own pedal powered washing machine.

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