Sunday, February 6, 2011

Most Unusual and Unique Furniture

Just turn your face around and have a look at your surroundings you are sitting on sofa, couch or chair, your PC will be lying on table or you will be having bed, stool or wooden rake in your room. Yes furniture has become an essential element of our houses but following is the list of some unique furniture that will make you wonder and say wow!

1. Transit Chair

This beautiful and creative stylish chair and table set has been created by Boris Bally and is made of street signs. This chair and table will look good if placed in kitchens and the price of this set is $999.

Transit Chair

2. Shotgun shells chairs

This unique chair was created by Alexander Reh. This chair can be attractive for police men or members of armed forces because this chair is made up of original rifle bullets that are etched together by welding in steel frame. The stuffing is of once fired 12 gauge shotgun.

Shotgun shells chairs

3. Don’t Walk Traffic Sign Chair

This is simple chair that is created by fixing together two sign boxes in metal frame. This looks simple and creative.

Dont Walk Traffic Sign Chair

4. Wooden Rocking Chair

This chair is not only unique, beautiful and innovative in its looks but also is extremely comfortable. You can sit in different postures and can comfortably enjoy and relax on it. You can have this creative piece of art in £595.

Wooden Rocking Chair

5. Cutlery Chair

This is extremely unique chair that is created from cutlery utensils and looks so beautiful and is functional as well.

Cutlery Chair

6. Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records

This unique table is made of old records and was thought out and created by Bughouse. This is well thought out thing because instead of throwing old records in trash table has been created where you can put many things on it and its small size so can be placed any where and is portable.

most amazing and unique furniture

7. Screw Chair

This chair does not look to be comfortable but it is very comfortable to be sitting on. It is made of Douglas fir and dry wall screws.

Screw Chair

8. Pencil Chair

This chair is creative and innovative piece of art that is not at all functional or useable. You can place it as decoration only because the sharp pencils will rupture your buts.

unique furniture

9. Cork Chair

This char is made of recycled wine bottle corks and this cork chair is also very comfortable to be sitting on.

10. Stack Chair

Book worms and nerds high alert for you people because here is a chair that is made of staked magazines, newspapers, and books. This is wall sticker shaped rear chair and is unique and unusual in itself.

chair that is made of staked magazines, newspapers, and books

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