Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wonder Table

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sanna lindström + sigrid strömgren: grand central

'grand central' by sanna lindström + sigrid strömgren in transition
image courtesy of sanna lindström + sigrid strömgren

'grand central' by swedish designers sanna lindströmsigrid strömgren is a furniture piece
that craves the center stage. the table is constructed in a way that it must 'fan out its feathers',
showing off its moves, transforming from small tray stand to a full circular table.

with nonchalance, 'grand central' can quickly unfold becoming a main surface area for parties
or gatherings. when not needed, it can easily be folded back into a compact object.

'grand central is on show as part of the 'ung 8' exhibition of 22 young swedish designers
within the 2011 stockholm furniture fair's 'greenhouse venue'.

'grand central' folded into a small compact furniture object

the circular table completely unfolded

a look at the table top and its 'fold lines'


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