Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tech Updates

jenny db
robot theme park - the story of one transformers fan + 600 scrap art sculptures
published 04.03.12

artist zhu kefeng and his friends have spent ten years constructing giant robots out of scrap cars and recycled metal. now 600 of their creations comprise the 'mr. iron robot' sculpture park in an abandoned former factory in china.

jenny db
robojelly self-powered jellyfish robot

modeled after a jellyfish, the robot is powered by ocean water itself, without the need for external fuel or batteries. video of 'robojelly' swimming, after the jump!

jenny db
DARPA cheetah is the world's fastest running robot

engineers of DARPA US military defense innovators have set a new land speed record for a legged robot with the 'cheetah', capable of galloping at speeds of up to 18mph.

jenny db
diatom studio: piccolo drawing-bot

the pocket-sized robot is made from an easy-to-assemble kit. the simplified device is able to draw in the z-axis.  

bora db
pop-up robotic bee by harvard students

the bee folds up with one quick movement similar to a pop-up book, requiring no assembly. attached are titanium wings, which, when applied to an external power source, are able to move at 1 or 30 hertz.

bora db
nao programmable humanoid robot

the 2-foot tall robot is designed to walk, hold objects, and communicate in eight languages; in addition, an open source developer model means that it can be programmed to stream internet radio or complete other tasks.

jenny db
build your own custom robot at my robot nation

from buttons and circuits to bowties and tattoos, the website lets users customize their own miniature robot figurines, designable via an intuitive web interface and then 3D-printed and shipped to their destination.

jenny db

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