Thursday, May 10, 2012

How I Started Getting Pocket Money from Blogging?

Every one wants to earn money whether it’s online money making or offline money making. the important part is to make money but it’s not that easy to earn money in anyways. it takes lots of efforts and time to get settled and after that you will get good returns. Blogging is a very good platform for those who want to make money online and it’s also the slowest way to get good money. If you are searching for some quick money making then let me tell you that Blogging is not your cup of tea better go for Freelancing. don’t worry I am not here to discuss the difference between Blogging and Freelancing :) in blogging it takes some time to get settled and only after that money follows you.
I started my blogging back in 2009 on blogspot to provide online MP3 songs :) yes I know it’s illegal and funny also but I was a noob and I was not having any idea what blogging is? how it can be done? but finally in April 2010 with the help of fellow blogger friends I came to know about it and I seriously started my blogging journey but I was on blogger only and using blogspot sub-domain only. but eventually I switched to custom domain and migrated my entire blog to WordPress and that was the biggest and most important decision I took. So you can say I am in to pure blogging since last 6-7 months only and I am in to blogging just to make money.
Pocket Money From BloggingPocket Money From Blogging
Now without wasting much time lets straight away come to the main point is that How I started getting my pocket money through Blogging? yes this is what I am going to explain you. before going further let me tell you is that there are many Pro Bloggers who make $1000 in each month through blogging only but sorry to say I am not one of them. I will not going to teach you how can you make $100-$1000 through blogging. my personal blogging income is not 20% of this numerical figure but for a middle-class person like me it’s quite good that I can manage my own pocket expenses and help my dad in which ever way I can. I will be sharing my own experience and case study so that you can also make some money for your self through this method. so lets start our money making tour. Below I have mentioned all sources through which I have made some money to cover my pocket expenses :

1) Direct Advertisements :

Amazed not to see Google Adsense first in this list? well I was too. for me maximum amount of money and income comes from direct advertisements. advertising companies contacts you or in my case I had contacted them for direct advertising on my blog. In direct advertisement  the company mainly looks for better PageRank and Alexa Rank. If your blog is having Google PageRank of 2,3 and 4 then I am sure you will be getting many direct advertisements offer. you can sell ad spots on your blog and in return they will pay you for the banner which you have placed. so look so the same niche blog like yours and try to contact the advertiser and you never know you can get lucky like me. you will generally get $20-#70 from direct advertising (figures can be different as it’s depends upon blog)
Best Option : BuySellAds.

2) Google Adsense :

There is no need of any type of explanation for Google Adsense if fact there are blogs who provides you the details on Google Adsense ;) For many bloggers/webmasters google adsense is the primary source of earning and for me it’s secondary as I am not getting that much high CPC and high and quality traffic. if you work hard and try to get most of the western country visitors then it will very good for you and you will start earning good money from Google Adsense. just sign up and take your first step to make money online.

3) Paid Post/Reviews :

If you write reviews of software’s, products, wordpress themes, wordpress plugin then it’s really good because there are many sites which will give you money in exchange of reviews. I will list out this sites so that you can create your account on that and start writing reviews for theme. other then this sites there are chances that companies may contact you directly for review purpose and you can get paid for that. the review amount differs from blog to blog and from company to company. you can get $25-$50, $100 or even $500 for single review. Paid Post works also same way, you will get paid by the company or the third part for writing a good and genuine review about there product. see the below list of sites through which you can earn some money for writing reviews :
I have my own reviews section on my blog so I get good offers but many are free ones so have to ignore it. out of 25 i hardly get 2 paid review or post offers :(

 4) Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way you can make handsome money but it requires time to gain good readers who can actually go through your link and ended up buying the product on the site. there are tons of affiliate sites which provide good revenue sharing options like 30% to 50% on single purchase. I am just getting in to it and getting some income through affiliates. Amazon is the biggest example for your affiliate marketing. but not for me, I got my first commission as an affiliate for a Premium WordPress Theme which I am using on my primary blog. the best way to boost your affiliate program is by writing a pure and genuine review about them with your affiliate link included. if your luck favors you the reader will ended up buying that product and you will be rewarded with commission and so has happened to me, So nowadays I am more towards affiliate marketing and testing it.

5) Services :

As a blogger I am offering services like WordPress setup and maintenance as well as Logo designing also so in and all i get some orders for it. no one generally buys a wordpress setup service as it’s so easy even a newbie can do it. but to be frank this type of services don’t provide you the constant money, sometimes you will get an order and some times you don’t. if you have some unique services to offer then you can surely go for it or else you can try Fiverr also where you can sell your services at a cost of $5 and you will be get paid for it.

6) Sponsored Tweets :

SponsoredTweets is a program where you will get paid by just twitting a simple message and that we all do nowadays on twitter. now what’s better then this. just sing up for this program and provide your cost per tweet like say $0.50 or $1and if you have a large followers list then bang on, many advertiser will contact you for twitting their tweets and you will get paid. since I am not having that huge followers list so I am not getting that much opportunities from this sites and till now only received two opportunities but if you have huge followers list then do try this program.
So, the above mentioned are my various source through which I am getting small but very much needed income to get my things done. many of you might now get that impressed with this post as my income figure is very very low but believe me for a thirsty a small drop of water is enough and this same thing is with me also. this is how I started getting pocket money with the help of blogging and some other extra tool and still the journey is on it’s mid way and want to achieve a lot in life so wish me luck for that :) and ya before I complete this post your will ask me that How much I am earning? but sorry to say there is one word called Privacy and due to that I can’t disclose it but don’t worry it’s not huge amount ;)

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