Friday, February 24, 2012

Urban Gardens Galore

Summer is my season to spend afternoons in the garden (when my schedule allows) and really get my hands dirty. I find it both relaxing and rewarding. As many of you know, we are also in the process of downsizing and I often wonder what my next – inevitably smaller – outdoor space will be like? So I thought, why not round-up some fabulous inspiration and share it with you! Ready…let's go…

small urban garden with lots of green2 e1310416267283 Urban Gardens Galore{image}

Just because you move into a more urban environment, doesn't mean you shouldn't create your own little green oasis. I love how these lush, emerald walls of plant life create an outdoor room and a place to retreat from the world.

rooftop patio1 e1310416444585 Urban Gardens Galore{image}

Lucky enough to have private roof access? Don't let it go to waste! Look how lovely this vista is! Using vibrant colors for your planters only instills the space with more energy and interest.

rooftop garden w bar1 e1310416625957 Urban Gardens Galore{image}

The glass walls of this home allow more of the outside in, creating a beautiful flow to the gorgeous rooftop garden.

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Perhaps you have a small yard with your downsized home and you can't give up that patch of grass? Okay…but keep it reasonable and easy to manage. You didn't give up that huge house to spend your days behind a lawn mower right?  This modern streamlined approach makes the space feel larger and more open. Built in seating maximizes your entertaining capacity.

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Or go almost maintenance free with concrete pavers, contained beds and crushed granite. I love the use of squares in this very rectangle space…a nice contrast.

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Short on space? Go vertical. These re-purposed paint cans now overflow with lush greenery and don't encroach on the limited square footage.

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Oh and I just adore this idea! Turn a discarded pallet into a terraced garden wall! Even the tiniest of balconies can accommodate this installation! How to do it? Go here for DIY instructions.

Want more inspiration and ideas…check out these books. (Click on them to go to Amazon). Each is loaded with fantastic designs that will certainly inspire your own urban garden.

I Garden   Urban Style 300x300 Urban Gardens Galore

839441 L 232x300 Urban Gardens Galore

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