Saturday, February 25, 2012

Multifunctional Rooms

Hi all! It's been a busy couple of weeks but I'm back with some more inspiration from my real life "downsizers". One very talented client of mine went through the downsizing shift with grace, settling into her new life and making sure she made room for her beloved grandchildren. A creative whiz and fabulous artist, she made the second bedroom of her new townhouse into a warm sanctuary where she balanced creative space and kid space! Check it out…

nook 2 e1307645443700 Multifunctional RoomsBy utilizing this niche she created the perfect place for reading stories, playing, cuddling and of course sleeping! She stacked two inflatable mattresses that easily rearrange to meet her needs. Beautiful colors and a handmade quilt make the little nook inviting and comforting.

nook Multifunctional RoomsFraming the area with soft draperies, further defines the space and gives it that cozy feel.

art space e1307645663867 Multifunctional RoomsThe other half of the room becomes her lovely art studio…

desk Multifunctional Rooms

art Multifunctional RoomsDon't you love how she worked with this space? She honored her passion for art, while cherishing her bond with her grandkids. Now, that's a great multifunctional room and a really cool Nana!

For even more inspiration check out these other bed/reading nooks…

44751 0 8 4213 traditional family room Multifunctional Roomstraditional family room design by los angeles interior designer Susan Jay Design

This one is pure genius! What kid wouldn't want to hang out up there? Too cool!

Get creative with your downsized space – carve out room for your hobbies and your family!

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