Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Forever-safe Bicycle

I am sure you agree with me that prevention is better than cure. Therefore prevention of theft is better than hunting down stolen property. Based on this application we have a bicycle lock that deters theft in a very clever way. The pedals double up as wheel clamps and are designed such that breaking the lock (or pedal) will not only be a tough job but also a foolish endeavor. Superb!
Designers: Cheng-Tsung Feng & Yu-Ting Cheng


  1. Looks neat, but personally, I prefer to store my bike of the main reasons I got a folding bike.

  2. Adding to the beauty and detial of the dreamcycle,the brown saddle and grips are embossed whith hiniscus graphics,giving it a fun and elegant touch Comfort Bikes.

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