Monday, January 16, 2012

Ubuntu TV introduced in CES

Once Canonical announced it’s participation in CES, there were several speculations flying around about an Ubuntu Phone, Ubuntu Tablet and what not. Finally we know what they are showcasing. A smart TV platform. Ubuntu TV. It has been handed a warm reception by the online community and is trending worldwide on Twitter !! And we too join in.

What is Ubuntu TV ??!!

It is a smart TV platform, kind of like Google TV, which can handle cable or satellite service, online video streaming and more. It lets you search, record, and watch programmes, stream videos onto your phones and tablets and so on.  It flaunts the latest Unity interface like in Ubuntu Desktop and looks super sleek.
Only one demo TV was showcased at CES and Canonical plans to partner up with TV manufacturers to bring Ubuntu TVs to the market by the end of the year. Here is a teaser :

Ubuntu TV platform is compatible with any ARM based board and requires a minimum recommended memory of 1GB, video memory of 512 MB and minimum hard disk space of 2GB. It is capable of hardware accelerated video playback, digital audio playback, and supports HDMI and CEC. Ofcourse it has a TV tuner module too.


Showcasing Ubuntu TV at CES could open up several oppurtunities for Canonical to strike a deal with an OEM to ship the product. It sure is a cool product and if it hits the stands will push the brand of Ubuntu further and into the households. There are’nt any videos of it in action. But by concept, design and technology it looks to be a cool product. Go Ubuntu.
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