Monday, January 16, 2012

Samsung makes the Sci-Fi world real with its Transparent Smart Window

Did you ever imagine a world of see-through monitors and windows that are interactive? The technology that will make the world of Sci-Fi movies real is out! Samsung is demoing a mind-blowing transparent glass touchscreen display to see the world outside. With the Back light units (BLUs) removed, you can see right through the display to whatever is beyond. The panel is effective even at night as it includes a special transparent BLU that acts as a light source when there is no light out there. It is a power saver due to absence of BLUs. In traditional LCDs, the major power consuming units are the BLUs. The panel comes with a privacy screen that works like a one-way mirror.

The display delivers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels allowing us to play movies, browse the Internet, and do all that is possible. It also contains HDMI and USb ports. The cost of this amazing product remains unknown but I am sure that it will hit the market as early as possible, may be in a month.
Imagine car windscreens that relay all the information on the screen rather than the dashboard beneath it, or a Minority Report style computers that are just sheets of glass rather than the big bulky monitors.

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