Monday, January 16, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.2 Released

Linux Kernel 3.2 has been released with many interesting changes such as, better WiFi driver, power saving features, faster read access to EXT4 formatted file system etc. Its little latter than anticipated, thanks to the hack back in Aug 2011. Let’s look at highlights of Kernel 3.2 :
  • The still experimental Btrfs file system, meanwhile, has been updated with faster scrubbing, more detailed corruption messages, and manual inspection tools and  upgraded with automatic backup of critical filesystem metadata.
  • Ext4 now supports block sizes up to 1MB, which decreases the time spent doing block allocations.
  • The kernel now supports Qualcomm’s Hexagon digital signal processor (DSP) as well as  the DRM/KMS driver for Intel GPUs (graphics processing units). This will enable the more efficient and Intel-specific RC6 graphics power-saving feature by default.
  • A process scheduler divides the available CPU bandwidth between all processes that need to run.
  • The TCP stack now includes an  “Proportional Rate Reduction” algorithm that speeds the recovery of the connection after lost packets.
  •  Advancement of Broadcom’s Brcmsmac and Brcmfmac Brcm80211 drivers from the staging area into the network subsystem. Also advancing to the subsystem is the Ath6kl Wi-Fi driver for the Atheros’ AR6003 chip.
Currently available in beta release of Ubuntu 12.04 . You can also upgrade an existing system by hitting Terminal and using the following command:
sudo update-manager -d
We would surely like to share  your Kernel 3.2 experience below in comments

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