Monday, January 16, 2012

Control Computers with your Eyes

Isn’t it cool to hear it? Navigating through gestures and touching the screen to launch apps seems to be out-dated. Tobii has developed Gaze, a eye tracking technology that will let you control the mouse, launch apps, open links and many more by just looking at them.

Tobii specializes in developing new eye tracking technology and has designed a software called “Gaze” for Windows 8. It is essentially an eye-controlled device or web cam that tells you exactly where you are looking. It creates a mouse-free environment for normal PC’s and makes it possible to interact in better ways than touch and mouse. To lauch an app, hold the Windows key, look at the app and release the key.

With Gaze, selecting and clicking becomes instant and fast. You can also use zoom and auto-center to quickly navigate, overview and access information. In your web browser, just look at the URL, search field or web form and start typing. The text will be entered exactly where you want it to. Unlike touch, your fingers won’t block your view thereby making it easy to select a link irrespective of the size, either small or big it doesn’t matter.
Tobii’s technology may not only be used for moving cursors, but also for video game design applications.

Imagine a world where clicking is done by blinking your eyes!

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