Saturday, January 28, 2012

Billboard house

'billboard house' by apostrophy's at the baan iae suan fair in bangkok, thailand
all images courtesy apostrophy's

multi-disciplinary design team apostrophy's has sent us images of 'billboard house', a residential prototype
that combines the concept of outdoor media with housing. the project, which recently showed at the 'baan iae
suan' fair in bankok, thailand, explores ways to diminish the visual pollution of billboards in the city
while considering the progression of capitalism today.

noting the rising cost of outdoor media rent, the aim of the project is to share the benefit among three users:
'the client' who would like to use the advertising functions of a billboard; 'the owner dweller' who gains
an extra income from the advertising rent; and 'the billboard agency' who coordinates between 'the client'
and 'the owner dweller', earning a commission from advertisement. the system allows for the lease of outdoor
media to be paid in installments while providing a housing setup that can respond and change with
the owner's life style.

view of billboard facade

taking up a slim rectangular volume, the multi-storey design sits on a trailer base which serves as a
transportable foundation. one side of its facade holds a trivision billboard while the other is composed of
a thai-style iron panels which can be moved to create different patterns. given the limited space, the aim of
the interior is to utilize all surfaces efficiently: functional units (pantry, kitchen unit, home theater, bathroom)
are arranged linearly along one wall to maximize on living space while storage is accommodated under
furniture, such as the bed platform. to expand the sense of space, a large void connects the levels together
to open up vertically. solar cells are installed on the roof as the main source of energy while hydroponic plants
on the handrails provide a source of food.

thai-style iron facade

facade detail

(left) void space
(right) staircase

(left) kitchen, dining and living
(right) storage under stairs

view from living space

view of terrace from upper level

hydroponic plants and terrace by entrance

(left) washroom
(right) staircase




within city


exploded axonometric

floor plan / level +1

floor plan / level +2

floor plan / level +3


elevation - billboard

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