Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Touch-n-Go: A Multi-Charger You May Actually Want

Phones, iPads, cameras, pico-projectors, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, backup phone batteries: Gotta charge ‘em all! And, unfortunately, gotta have a charger for ‘em all.

Or do you? Not if you have the Touch-n-go from The Joy Factory. The dimpled pad is a take on the inductive “splash” chargers which need no cables but require a custom case for each gadget. Instead, you have a handful of too-short-to-tangle adapters with a plug on one end and a Smartie-shaped bobble on the other. This bobble snaps magnetically onto the Touch-n-go pad, nestling into one of its smooth plastic craters.

You still have to plug in the cable, but you no longer have to disentangle it first, and you only take up one wall socket.

The Joy Factory has named neither price nor availability, but it is listed in a press document along with other peripherals in the $50 to $100 range. Even at the top end of that range, it might be worth it just to ease your frustrations.

Zip, Touch-n-go Multi-devices Charging System [The Joy Factory]0foLHTJXYfI

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