Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incredible School Buses

I remember when I went to School. The buses that Pick me up were same old freaking, annoying....

Because School buses are only meant to Pick n Drop kidz to School

But not!! not any more .These thing too caught the attention of people, some awesome people.

I don't know why people always think of new n bizarre ideas but these are really great Custom designs.

See for yourself :

Is It Horizontal or Vertical??

Probably for ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL...lolz

Wheelie!! yahoo

To get some fresh air ,huh

Up side down or Down side UP?

Being double purpose

No Comments

Cutest among all

It has an World record too

Do u have NOS??


Only for Heavy Duty purposes

Bunker for Nuke Attacks

Police or School bus Driver?

Longest ever

"Wanna be cool...

Stay in School"

I think thats a Telephone Booth

How to escape in Emergency

AND why kidz go there????


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