Friday, January 8, 2010

Why we dont get , What we want

I dont know how to write a Blog.& What to wirte.
So I just Wirte what comes to my mind.

Why we dont get . What we want..

1. Because we dont know , what we realy want.
2. Because we had not tried , by heart.
3. Because we dont deserve that.

I think all is correct , because we always look at problems, not at solution.
A short incident comes to my mind which may prove this.

One day a philosophy professor comes to class and ask all of them. " Students, you can see a chair behind my table . [ as it was a classroom , it must be their] , now all of you have to prove that it is not here, in minimum words & less time, max time is 1 hour. Who ever done it first in minimum words & time will be passed " . All the students start thinking then writing . Everybody was tring a different idea to answer professor's question. Except one , that student write few words, left the answer book on professor's table & sit.

Next day professor comes with winning answer. And the winner was that guy who wrote few words .
His answer was "Which Chair ? ".

The idea is look at the simplest solution of any problem. Instead of a complicated. Always remember no matter how big a problem is , Solution is always small.

Sometimes we don't concentrate on goal, We are only running behind t goal. & what happened , we got too much busy in running & missed out goal far behind. And we have nothing in hand except being sad. Again we start running for new goal. & at last we have nothing in hand.

One more story comes to my mind.

One day a man came to know that in near forest their was Sadhu[priest] , He will gives you anything you want. The man goes to sadhu and request him for magic stone. [ Paras pathar : A stone which can turn iron in gold by a touch] . Sadhu look at man & give him a piece of Iron and told him that The magic stone is in a garden near by. So man have to go and search by testing each stone to that iron piece. The man was happy , when he reached garden he saw their are so many stone.
So he started from a corner by touching every stone to iron piece , He continuous it for 3 days without food & sleep. By chance he saw that the iron piece in hand is turned in to Gold, but unfortunately man dose not know which stone did that. He came back to sadhu & tell him everything. The sadhu ask him to satisfy with the piece of gold. Because he did not deserve that magic stone. Because he was running blindly behind his goal & missed that .


The idea is : Always keep an eye on goal , so you don't get involved in running that you can't see your Goal.
& Also nothing comes for free , if you want something you have to prove that you deserve it.
Always keep tring......

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